Why You Should Be Blogging as a Millennial

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Why You Should Be Blogging As A Millennial

I’ve been blogging on and off for about 4 years now. I’ve done everything from fiction writing to lifestyle to fashion, and finally college/lifestyle blogging. No matter how far I stray from blogging, something always draws me back.

If you’re a millennial, which is loosely defined as someone born anywhere from the 1980s to the 2000s, I seriously recommend blogging as a creative outlet. There are truly an infinite amount of positive outcomes that are a direct result of establishing a presence online.


Whether you’re 17 or 47, you have a voice, an extremely important one, too. Opinions originating from our age group are very easily trivialized by those who are older and seemingly “wiser” than us. Writing online and speaking up through blogs and other mediums have allowed millennials to be heard. Once you start blogging, you might have the power to influence thousands! Seize the opportunity to share your perspective on the world. We’re listening.


It can be a little scary putting yourself out there at first. But, once you do, I promise your confidence will skyrocket. Your blog is a safe space where you can allow yourself to flourish. And yes, you might be a little anxious knowing that it’s a public space, but I strongly believe that if you can overcome this obstacle, you can overcome just about anything that threatens your confidence.

Putting together an entire blog with content that you’re proud of can do miracles for the mind. It’s a great feeling getting positive feedback from your blogging peers, and even greater being able to look at something you created with pride and knowing that it was all you. You’ll learn to trust yourself and your abilities more than most people. This will help you in school, the workforce, and many other areas.

Why You Should Be Blogging as a Millennial


If you truly invest in your blog, it becomes almost necessary to pick up a few HTML and CSS skills along the way. Additionally, you’ll learn all about typography, a bit about aesthetics, and photography. Needless to say, my school projects were always amazing because of this. And, you won’t be alone! There are tons of blogs out there that are dedicated to helping you figure this stuff out. Station Seven is my go to blog for all of the behind the scenes work that goes on in my blog. In this day and age, these skills are invaluable and you might just become a rare commodity in your workplace or class.


When I first started fiction blogging the summer before my Freshman year, I didn’t anticipate meeting my absolute best friends. I met some pretty incredible girls from across the United States. Two were right in my state, Texas, but 2 hours away in Austin (yes, I have visited them a few times). One was also in Las Vegas, another in California, and the last in Virginia. We probably have a world record for most texts sent in a group message. I don’t think I would’ve made it to where I am today at all without the connections I’ve made through blogging. These girls encouraged me, pushed me, and supported me through everything. You’ll find these friendships in the blogosphere, too. It’s full of people ready to meet new people. I think this opportunity is something that will only appear in this environment. You won’t make priceless relationships around the world with a click of a button anywhere else.

Are you sold yet? I hope so! In short, I really really want you to get into blogging if you’ve ever considered it. Take a leap, I promise you’ll make it. If you want to make a blog right now, check out Station Seven’s post on starting your blog(without all of the rookie mistakes).

My best advice: Don’t ever let blogging become a burden. Do it because you want to, and because it’s fun for you. A lifetime worth of memories are in store for you if you follow this rule.

-Lots of Love, Lola


June 22, 2016
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