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My Freshman Year Goals

Freshman Year Goals- Make the most of your Freshman year by setting goals for yourself!|

In just 4 days, I’ll be on a plane headed to New Hampshire! My days are getting crazier and more jam-packed as I get closer to leaving for college. There’s so much to do and stress about that my last week seems to be flying by.

Despite how fast the days seem to be counting down, I took some time out for reflection. This summer has been spent gaining a sense of self and practicing solitude. I thought there was no better way to sum up my summer and start focusing on the future by coming up with some goals for freshman year.

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August 25, 2016

Less Than 30 Days

In Less Than 30 Days I'll Be Headed Off to College

Time seems to be both flying by and moving at a snail pace.

I start college in less than 30 days, and that thought brings on a whirlwind of emotions–fear, excitement, hope, apprehension.

I’m not a planner by nature. I prefer to live life a little bit more on a whim. But, there was so much build-up of excitement for college that I had already started picking my dorm’s color palette a week after my acceptance letter came in. I was focused on college all through Senior year. This summer, I spent most of my time watching college vlogs and drinking up every article I could about surviving freshman year.

Somehow, I still feel wildly unprepared.

Thoughts and questions run rampant in my mind, and this is where time seems to be doing all too much and nothing at all. On one hand, I just want to go to college already. “Less than 30 days” still feels way too long, especially when I spend my days overanalyzing and making up scenarios in my head. There’s so much unknown about what to expect in college. I can’t ever know the answers until I finally get there.

“Less than 30 days” also feels entirely too short. I don’t feel quite ready for this new journey. I think I was eager to do all my “growing” this summer before I stepped foot on campus so I didn’t have to experience those infamous freshman year blunders.

I wanted to arrive already socially adept, charming my way through the social scene and finally feeling like I belonged somewhere. I wanted to have a mind that was already developed so I didn’t have to struggle my way through classes. I worry all the time that my affinity for non-challenging and fluffy young-adult books have put me steps behind my peers academically. I wanted to throw away my whole closet. Irrationally, I believed if I didn’t have a wardrobe made up of J.Crew and Vineyard Vines, nobody would respect my place in the Ivy League.

In a moment of clarity, I realized that all the fear and unnecessary expectations I’ve put on myself this summer is bullshit.

I’m here for adventure, not for a perfect path. The blunders will come, but more importantly, the successes will come too. My mom keeps reminding me that my happiness is inside me. I don’t need the perfect condition or the perfect environment to find peace within myself.

Where I’m going may not meet all of my lofty expectations, and that’s okay. may not meet my own expectations, and that’s okay too. It’s how I handle these challenges that will really make or break my experience in college. I know that I’m in for the best 4 years of my life because it’s entirely up to me. I’m choosing not to worry anymore.

No, I’m not prepared for college because I can’t tell the future, but I am prepared to stop fearing the unknown and to face whatever is coming.

I can’t wait for the adventure I’m about to go on, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Less Than 30 Days

Blog Updates:

You might have noticed that I have a new look! I changed my theme to something a little more functional and a little more me. My color palette is now navy blue, pink, and grey, and I’m totally feeling the preppy vibe! I think it’s perfect considering I’ll be moving up to the East Coast, a.k.a Prep Central.

I have also decided to discontinue newsletters for a little while and see how I like it. Anything that I’d share within the newsletters will now be on Macarons in the Morning! Normally, I’d write a more personal post like this one in the email. But, I think it’s much better to create our little community openly and I look forward to talking to you guys more on here. If you want to keep up with my posts, I suggest following me on Bloglovin or Twitter, where I let you guys know as soon as I hit publish!

Thanks for all your support lovelies, I hope you like my new look!

August 12, 2016

How to Use Your College Agenda (The Right Way)

How to Use Your College Agenda (The Right Way) | Get organized and work smarter in college with your agenda!

In college, you’ll learn quickly that your success rides on your organization and time-management skills more than anything.

There’s so much more going on in college than there was in high school. Your assignments will be spread out, you’ll be involved in a lot of activities, and will generally have more to keep track of. Having something to organize your life is crucial to ensuring you’re making the most of your semester.

Using an agenda is a tried and true way to get your life together and keep it together. Everyone organizes differently, but if you’re someone who benefits from writing things down and loves taking the time to plan out their day, getting an agenda for college is the way to go.

Today, I’ll be using my favorite agenda from Ban.Do to show you how to set up and use an agenda during the school year. If you don’t know about Ban.Do, they’re an awesome company that makes school & office supplies super cute and fun. You’ll find everything from agendas to stationary to phone cases on their website. They’re my go-to spot for everything organization related.

Let’s get started!

Choosing Your Agenda

Choosing Your Agenda

There are so many agendas out there. All you have to do is figure out which best suits your lifestyle. Agendas are definitely something you want to invest in, they may range anywhere from $15 to $65. I chose the Ban.Do planner in Medium because I wanted something a little more heavy duty. There is ample writing space in both the calendar sections and the day-by-day sections. This agenda also comes with tons of notes pages and fun artwork in between. I have a list of my top 7, college-proof agendas that you can’t go wrong with here:

Ban.Do 17 Month Agenda ($20-$32)

Day Designer Flagship Edition ($59)

Plum Paper Designs Student Planner ($16)

Bloom Planners Daily Planner ($15)

Erin Condren’s Life Planner ($55+)

Kate Spade 17 Month Agenda ($30-$40)

Lily Pulitzer Agenda ($18-$30)

If you aren’t sure if you’ll be an avid planner user just yet, I wouldn’t recommend splurging on the $40 or more ones. Test the waters with the lower priced agendas and if you find yourself loving it, graduate to the master agendas.

Creating a System

If you already have your planner, it’s time to create your system. This is how you’ll organize and enter information into your agenda. It’s better to have an idea of how you want to do this before arriving on campus. Instead of fumbling around with your agenda and wasting time trying to get it together during classes, you would already have developed a plan.

Color Code

Get yourself a good pack of colorful pens. Then, divide up your life into colors. I created a key on the side of the calendar page that shows what’s what. Purple is for academics, pink is for any life reminders like going to the gym or doing laundry, and blue is for any blog stuff that needs to get done. I use the colors only in the calendar page so I can get a bird’s eye view of what I’ll be getting done that month.

If you don’t have colored pens, you can also use a key of symbols to note different categories. For example, a star next to academics, an open circle for life reminders, etc.

Creating a System

Deciding What Goes Where

Your planner will most likely have a month grid, and then pages to write daily events. What are you going to put in each? I summarize events in the grid view and then get more specific in the daily view.  For set events, I put what’s happening in the grid, then time and location in the daily view. For classes, I put when the assignment is actually due on the calendar, and then in the daily view I’ll write in the days I actually want to work on the assignment. This goes the same for blogging. I typically only use pencil for daily events so it’s easier to switch them around (e.g. if I decide to work on an assignment on Tuesday instead of Thursday).

Creating a System

Use Cool Stuff

I highly recommend using stickers, washi tape, sticky notes, or any other cool tools to make your agenda pop. It makes being organized fun and motivates me to use it more. I put stickers for huge events that I’m looking forward to, or just to decorate around the place. Ban.Do comes with a set of stickers, but you can find tons at any hobby or stationary store.

Agenda Add-Ins

Other than blocking assignments and to-do’s there are a few things you should keep in your agenda for convenience. I’m all about working smarter, not harder. Put these things in your notes section or on a piece of paper and keep it in your agenda.

+ Your class schedule (and where their rooms are located)

+ Any daily routines/reminders

+ Classroom resources- class websites, professors’ info and office hours, etc

+ General college resources -location of advisor’s office, medical center, phone # for emergencies, etc

+ Login information- student e-mail, dropbox, anything to do with school (don’t put anything you’d be devastated if someone got a hold of, like your blog login info)

How to Get Ahead

Your agenda is for way more than staying on top of things, you can get ahead with it too. There are a couple ways you can start off your semester ahead, and use the momentum to stay there.

After you make a final decision on which classes you’ll be taking, read through your syllabuses and enter the assignments you’ll have into your planner. This will save so much time in the long run. When you have free time, you’ll be able to see what assignments are coming up and finish them ahead of time.

Update your planner regularly. Sometimes life happens, or your professor happens, and you need to switch things around. Make sure you’re staying on top of events and updating them in your agenda. If you’re like me and hate the idea of having to scratch things out, get yourself some paper tape to cover up stuff that’s no longer happening. You can write over it and the prints are cute so you’ll be decorating your agenda too!

Manage your time well. This seems obvious, but you might be surprised how difficult it can be a few weeks into college. When you’re plotting out your month, make sure your work is divided evenly. There are some weeks where you’ll unavoidably have a ton of work to do. But, for the most part, try to keep yourself balanced. You may start off your semester all motivated and you’ll get so much done purely out of excitement, but you’ll burnout soon if you’re doing too much for too long.

Planning is the key to success. One of my favorite bloggers, Mattie James, always says, “If you’re making real-time decisions, you’re already a day late.” I couldn’t agree with this more from an academic and blogging standpoint. Know what’s coming and you’ll rarely be behind!

Let me know which agenda you’re using and anything special you do with it in the comments!

August 1, 2016