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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting in Shape

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Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting in ShapeGetting in shape and staying in shape can be difficult for your average, lazy girl. Am I the only one who doesn’t find waking up early in the morning to go to the gym appealing? Maybe, it’s just me, but I love my bed. I’m definitely a do-15-squats-and-sit-down-because-Grey’s-Anatomy-is-back-on type of gal. Can I get an amen?

Because of this oh so fabulous lifestyle, I’ve found a few hacks to getting in shape and becoming more confident in your own skin without having to leave the house, or even leave your room, for a long time.

GETTING IN SHAPE: For the Over-Relaxed and Lazy

Water Is Your New Best Friend
Keep water next to you at all times. And since you aren’t moving much, that shouldn’t be very hard. The power of water is seriously underrated. Not only does it clear your skin and balance the fluids in your body, it’s a very powerful dieting agent.

A lot of times when you’re craving those unhealthy snacks, you’re actually just thirsty. While water shouldn’t replace the very necessary meals in a day, try drinking a glass before reaching for that donut and see if you really need it afterwards.

Eat Like a Bird
A lot of people use this saying to describe someone who picks at their food. But this is being used in a very different way here. Birds are eating all the time, but in small amounts.

Be like a bird.

Why? Your body will not metabolize 3 large meals a day effectively if you aren’t doing anything, like heavy exercising, to help it along. But eating several small portions a day gives your body less to do at any given time, plus, you can eat more! You’ll stay full throughout the day, and will feel less urge to pig out at each meal. 

Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting in Shape

Avoid Eating Out and Delivery
Home-cooked meals are 100% better and healthier than most fast food menu choices. There are far less ingredients involved that are harmful to your body, and you can see exactly what you’re putting in your mouth. Your home-cooked meals don’t have to be anything fancy, either. Staple meals like salads, sandwiches, and pasta can be dressed up and remixed easily with a change of ingredients.

Youtube Workouts
Okay seriously, did you think this article was about getting killer abs in bed? Sorry to let you down, but you still have to do a little bit of work. You already spend 8 hours a day watching Buzzfeed videos on Youtube, why not mosey on over to a Blogilates video while you’re at it?

Now, let me tell you about my girl, Cassey, the owner of Blogilates. Cassey’s workout videos on Youtube are creative, positive, and very approachable. They’re all exercises you can do at home in around 15 minutes with a simple yoga mat and a positive mindset. I don’t even finish the whole video sometimes and I start to see results quickly. She also has a lot of workout calendars on her website to follow along if you need help getting started.

 Get Creative With Your Diet
There are so many healthy foods out there that taste good and are easy to make. I too, gag at the thought of steamed brussels sprouts, so things like that won’t be in my kitchen.

Fruit and veggie combination smoothies are the best if you’re looking for something that refreshes you. Meals that incorporate salmon and grilled chicken are filling and yummy. There are lots of websites and Tumblrs that have great recipes to try!

Also, try your best to cut down on high-fat and high-sugar foods. I try to eat moderately all week and allow myself a treat at the end.

Don’t overestimate yourself and try to jump headfirst into the dieting pool. Start slowly integrating more healthy foods into your diet until it becomes a plausible lifestyle for you. A big reason why diets often don’t work out is because people try to incorporate too much change into their lives and get overwhelmed. 

Getting in shape can be pretty easy with these tips. It’s important to remember that a healthy lifestyle beats any 30-day diet or rushed workout promising to get you that bikini body. You can maintain these tips all throughout the year, too!

Do you have any great tips for staying in shape easily? Let me know in the comments!

-Lots of Love, Lola

July 15, 2016