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You Need to Free Yourself Of Past F*ck Ups + Why Your Mistakes Don’t Erase Your Growth

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You Need to Free Yourself of Past F*ck Ups + Why Your Mistakes Don't Erase Your Growth |

This summer, I was one of the few returning college students who wasn’t able to snag a job at the mall or the YMCA. With an empty bank account and hardly any friends back in my city, I stayed home on most days and instead threw myself into the work of getting back on track. The track of self-alignment, growth, and self-love.

As I near the end of my summer break, I have seen so much improvement in myself. I crack open my journal a lot more often. I’ve returned to the things I love: blogging, reading, and thinking. I’ve been working out (even jogging, which I hate but did anyway) and making fruit smoothies regularly. I did a lot of research on caring for my 4c hair, which I’ve grown to really love. Most importantly, I’ve opened myself up to the lessons and opportunities that come from being more mindful and introspective. A lot of great things have happened as a result, but I want to talk about the biggest and most instrumental part of my growth: accepting and forgiving myself.

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August 27, 2017

A Piece of Advice: How to Avoid Getting Caught Up In College

Preface: In college, you will make mistakes. That’s not a question. And to be honest, it’s the best low-risk environment to make those growing pain mistakes. But these aren’t the errors I’m discussing today. There are some bad situations that you might find yourself in that can make your whole college experience turn sour. This is totally avoidable if you learn what I’m about to tell you.

Trust me on this one, girl. Let me show you how to save you from yourself.

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July 22, 2017