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A Guide to Buying the Coziest Sheets For Your Dorm (review included!)

Bedding is easily the most important thing to consider when decorating your dorm. It’s often the focal point of such a tiny room and the place where you go to relax and catch up on sleep. When shopping for your bed, you want to consider both style and comfort.

A lot of people don’t think too hard about their bedsheets, but they’re actually a foundational layer that’s key to your comfort. Picking the right sheets can take your bed from eh to aaah in seconds. They’re just as important as your mattress topper or plush blanket because they’re coming directly in contact with your skin. You really want to invest in a nice set of sheets that will last long.

It’s not always easy to find the right ones with all the confusing terminology and the huge assortment of sheets you have to choose from. I decided to write up a guide that will help you find the best sheets for your bed so you can sleep well and fashionably.

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August 14, 2017

What I Actually Used in My Freshman Dorm

What I Actually Used In My Freshman Dorm

As Freshman year came to a close and I was packing up my dorm for on campus storage, I realized that there was a lot of stuff I ended up not really using. If I had known what not to buy going into my first year of college, I would’ve been able to save a lot of money.

I know, as an incoming freshman, it’s easy to overdo it because you want to make sure you’re not missing anything. So, I put together a list of things that were staples in my dorm, stuff I didn’t use, and also cheaper alternatives I found later on so you can shop and decorate your dorm smarter.

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June 17, 2017

Top 5 Places to Buy Your Dorm Decor

“Would string lights be a good accent for my dorm, or would they clash with my succulents? Should I spend a month’s paycheck on a PBteen duvet or find a bargain on one that will tear after one late night romp in bed? What the hell even is a duvet? Forget it, I have a date with a new season of Orange is the New Black.”

-Diary of a Mad College Freshman

top 5 places to buy dorm decorWe’ve all been there. Some of you are even there right now. One of the most exciting parts about college (aside from getting an A+ education, of course) is finally getting that first ounce of freedom by being able to decorate your dorm room exactly how you want it. The power to go with an all white, minimalistic chic space or a cozy abode with fairy lights and fluffy throws is all in your hands. With so many possibilities, it can be difficult getting started and finding good, affordable places to shop.

Decorating your dorm can quickly become an expensive and complicated venture without proper planning and knowing the right stores. I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 stores that make shopping for the perfect dorm decor a breeze.


Dormify takes the cake when it comes to getting inspiration for your dorm and shopping affordable decor. Their store comes with a free design plan that allows you to take a quiz and shows you really cute rooms that they think would best fit your style. You can then shop the products shown in the rooms. I easily identified a color scheme and theme for my room from the quiz. Even though I didn’t buy all of my decor from there, it helped me narrow down my search by far. My favorite products on there would be their decorative pillows (which come already stuffed) and their tapestries.


If you’re into the more mature, authentic living, New York apartment meets nature vibe, this is the store to shop. They have really unique decor that will transform your dorm from heavily used closet to Instagram-worthy hangout spot. Their duvets and quilts are on the cheaper side compared to their counterparts such as Urban Outfitters and Free People so I would definitely splurge on one here and it will last all 4 years.


Society6 is the place to find unique art that will make your dorm your own. It’s a space for artists to submit their artwork, and Society6 turns them into tapestries, prints, and even throw pillows at pretty nice prices. Support creatives and fill your room with art that really expresses your individuality.


Etsy has hundreds of great stores in their fold, and they’re often buried beneath the more mainstream mega-stores like Target. There are so many cute handmade and vintage items that you can purchase from Etsy vendors who make their products with love. A lot of the time you can get things personalized too! Take a look through there and you’ll find a lot of what you need without feeling like your money is disappearing.


Ikea is your one stop shop for buying all your dorm basics. Things like duvet and pillow inserts, storage, and hangers will all be here for extremely affordable prices. Not much needs to be said about this place, it’s a must on your shopping list.


There are still way more stores to shop at that you should definitely stop by like Target and PBteen, but you should be able to get most of your decor shopping done with these 5 stores. The best strategy is to spread out your shopping among different stores and watch out for sales to get the most unique and affordable look! Speaking of looks, what is your dorm theme going to be this upcoming year? Tell me in the comments below!




June 19, 2016