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How to Survive A Class When Your Professor Sucks

How to Survive A Class When Your Professor Sucks- tips & tricks to making sure you still do well even though your professor isn't! | macaronsinthemorning.comAt some point in college (or at many points) you are going to have a professor that sucks. Most of the time, it’s because your college hired them for their research and expertise in a field and not for their teaching abilities. These professors are bad at explaining things that seem basic to them but are foreign to students being exposed to it for the first time. Other times, their organization can be crap. Or they’re the type to teach one thing in lecture and assign/test you on something completely different. Whatever the reason, having a terrible professor can result in a bad grade or cause you to hate a subject you thought you’d really like.

If you haven’t had this type of professor yet, you will.

There are ways to survive in classes like these. You may not get the exact grade you wanted, but you can at least prevent yourself from a messed up GPA. The tips below are great for any class, but are essential for when you feel things going left. And, as is the truth with anything in school, it’s better to act sooner than later with these.

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August 18, 2017

How to Use Your College Agenda (The Right Way)

How to Use Your College Agenda (The Right Way) | Get organized and work smarter in college with your agenda!

In college, you’ll learn quickly that your success rides on your organization and time-management skills more than anything.

There’s so much more going on in college than there was in high school. Your assignments will be spread out, you’ll be involved in a lot of activities, and will generally have more to keep track of. Having something to organize your life is crucial to ensuring you’re making the most of your semester.

Using an agenda is a tried and true way to get your life together and keep it together. Everyone organizes differently, but if you’re someone who benefits from writing things down and loves taking the time to plan out their day, getting an agenda for college is the way to go!

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August 1, 2016