Lola Adewuya

18 | Aquarius | Houston | Dartmouth ’20

Looking for: inner peace and opportunities for world domination

Hello there! Welcome to Macarons in the Morning. I’m Lola, the creator of this lovely space. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, although I’ve never been to the rodeo. I currently attend an Ivy League college a long ways from home where I study (maybe) Cognitive Science with a focus in Human-Centered Design. I’m also minoring in African/African-American Studies.

I believe in speaking things into existence. I think books are the greatest goldmines on earth. I’m always trying to balance my candidness and outspoken tendencies with a positive and inspiring energy. I’m a creative by nature–I love writing, designing, and really anything that calls on me to turn ideas and feelings into real experiences, visual or written. French macarons are my favorite food ever.

I designed Macarons in the Morning to evolve as I do. This is a space to share my thoughts, observations, and unsolicited advice as I navigate college and grow from my experiences. It’s also where I can flex my creativity and satisfy my very visually and detail-oriented mind. For you, I hope this is a place where you can find comfort, inspiration, and ways to thrive in life.

my design and writing portfolio is on the way!

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    A beautiful and most excellent beginning. Looking forward to your future posts.🌸

    August 23, 2016 at 10:52 am
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