Macarons in the Morning

Hey, there! I’m Lola Adewuya, the blogger behind Macarons in the Morning. I’m 17, from Houston, Texas, and a freshman at Dartmouth College.

I’m passionate about french macarons, taking naps, and creating wonderful things. From a young age, I’ve always gravitated towards writing but I discovered that I love visual art as well. Blogging has proved to be the perfect combination of my passions. I can obsess over my long-winded sentences and spend hours behind the scenes picking color palettes and taking pictures.

I’m not great at writing about myself and the crazy stuff that goes on in my mind. With this blog, I’m challenging myself to come out of my shell a little more with each post. I hope to look back on Macarons in the Morning and see how much I’ve grown!

Macarons in the MorningTHE BLOG

Macarons in the Morning was founded in the early summer weeks of 2016, just a handful of days after my high school graduation. I felt inspired and was itching to do something productive, creative, and life-changing.

The blog started off as a sort of online diary– a documentation of what would be my upcoming adventures in college. I hoped I would have enough stories and experiences that were both fun and thoughtful enough to share online.

As summer dragged on, my anticipation for college only grew. I needed something to write about until I actually got to campus. My knack for wanting to give advice and help instantly kicked in. What could I do to help the younger spectrum of millennials who were still trying to pave their own paths in the world?

I decided that Macrons in the Morning would be a go-to spot for girls like me. It would be a place for the ambitious and passionate collegiate who wants to do more than just live, she wants to thrive. 

If you are looking to grow, become more self-aware, and learn how to have the best time of your life, you’re in the right place.

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