Hey, I’m Lola! I’m an 18 year old Houston native attending an ivy league college in the Northeast.

I am a writer, intellectual, carefree black girl, and a big fan of French macarons. I believe in the power of speaking things into existence. I think books are some of the greatest goldmines on Earth. I’m Nigerian, but the only time I understand Yoruba is when I’m in trouble or talking about our food. My deepest thoughts always come right before I fall asleep. So we’ll both never know what they are.

I wish I could say I was Frank Ocean or Sza, but they’re both taken so being Lola is the next best thing.

I write this blog not only for myself, but for the ambitious creative who seeks growth in every dimension of her life. I share ways I’ve found to thrive mentally, emotionally and physically in life. I’ve had a lot of “damn, I wish somebody had told me about this,” moments in college. Thinking about the people coming behind me, I want to discuss and share some sisterly advice about the things I wish I had known about wellness, self-love, and creating a life for yourself that you love.


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  • Reply Catherine August 23, 2016 at 10:52 am

    A beautiful and most excellent beginning. Looking forward to your future posts.🌸

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