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Macarons in the Morning was founded in the early summer weeks of 2016, just a handful of days after my high school graduation. I felt inspired and was itching to do something productive, creative, and life-changing.

What started off as an online journal meant to document my experiences going into college has quickly turned into a space for me to share the things I've learned as I make my way through college. During my Freshman year, I had a bunch of "damn, I wish somebody had told me about this" moments. I thought about all of the other young millennials trying to pave their paths in college who could use some sisterly advice from someone who's going through it too.

I decided that Macarons in the Morning would be a go-to spot for girls like me. It's a place for the passionate collegiette who wants to do more than survive college. She wants to thrive in it.


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  • Reply Catherine August 23, 2016 at 10:52 am

    A beautiful and most excellent beginning. Looking forward to your future posts.🌸

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