My Freshman Year Goals

Freshman Year Goals- Make the most of your Freshman year by setting goals for yourself!|

In just 4 days, I’ll be on a plane headed to New Hampshire! My days are getting crazier and more jam-packed as I get closer to leaving for college. There’s so much to do and stress about that my last week seems to be flying by.

Despite how fast the days seem to be counting down, I took some time out for reflection. This summer has been spent gaining a sense of self and practicing solitude. I thought there was no better way to sum up my summer and start focusing on the future by coming up with some goals for freshman year.

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August 25, 2016

Less Than 30 Days

In Less Than 30 Days I'll Be Headed Off to College

Time seems to be both flying by and moving at a snail pace.

I start college in less than 30 days, and that thought brings on a whirlwind of emotions–fear, excitement, hope, apprehension.

I’m not a planner by nature. I prefer to live life a little bit more on a whim. But, there was so much build-up of excitement for college that I had already started picking my dorm’s color palette a week after my acceptance letter came in. I was focused on college all through Senior year. This summer, I spent most of my time watching college vlogs and drinking up every article I could about surviving freshman year.

Somehow, I still feel wildly unprepared.

Thoughts and questions run rampant in my mind, and this is where time seems to be doing all too much and nothing at all. On one hand, I just want to go to college already. “Less than 30 days” still feels way too long, especially when I spend my days overanalyzing and making up scenarios in my head. There’s so much unknown about what to expect in college. I can’t ever know the answers until I finally get there.

“Less than 30 days” also feels entirely too short. I don’t feel quite ready for this new journey. I think I was eager to do all my “growing” this summer before I stepped foot on campus so I didn’t have to experience those infamous freshman year blunders.

I wanted to arrive already socially adept, charming my way through the social scene and finally feeling like I belonged somewhere. I wanted to have a mind that was already developed so I didn’t have to struggle my way through classes. I worry all the time that my affinity for non-challenging and fluffy young-adult books have put me steps behind my peers academically. I wanted to throw away my whole closet. Irrationally, I believed if I didn’t have a wardrobe made up of J.Crew and Vineyard Vines, nobody would respect my place in the Ivy League.

In a moment of clarity, I realized that all the fear and unnecessary expectations I’ve put on myself this summer is bullshit.

I’m here for adventure, not for a perfect path. The blunders will come, but more importantly, the successes will come too. My mom keeps reminding me that my happiness is inside me. I don’t need the perfect condition or the perfect environment to find peace within myself.

Where I’m going may not meet all of my lofty expectations, and that’s okay. may not meet my own expectations, and that’s okay too. It’s how I handle these challenges that will really make or break my experience in college. I know that I’m in for the best 4 years of my life because it’s entirely up to me. I’m choosing not to worry anymore.

No, I’m not prepared for college because I can’t tell the future, but I am prepared to stop fearing the unknown and to face whatever is coming.

I can’t wait for the adventure I’m about to go on, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Less Than 30 Days

Blog Updates:

You might have noticed that I have a new look! I changed my theme to something a little more functional and a little more me. My color palette is now navy blue, pink, and grey, and I’m totally feeling the preppy vibe! I think it’s perfect considering I’ll be moving up to the East Coast, a.k.a Prep Central.

I have also decided to discontinue newsletters for a little while and see how I like it. Anything that I’d share within the newsletters will now be on Macarons in the Morning! Normally, I’d write a more personal post like this one in the email. But, I think it’s much better to create our little community openly and I look forward to talking to you guys more on here. If you want to keep up with my posts, I suggest following me on Bloglovin or Twitter, where I let you guys know as soon as I hit publish!

Thanks for all your support lovelies, I hope you like my new look!

August 12, 2016

Out of State College Move-In Guide

Out of State College Move-In Guide | Moving to an out of state college is made easy with this guide! Use this free packing list to figure out what to pack for school this fall!

Packing for an out of state college can be very challenging. With school right around the corner, you’re probably hustling to check more and more off your shopping list. Between trying to achieve the perfect dorm and a new and improved wardrobe, you might be wondering how you’ll get everything to campus.

You’ll have to stuff your whole life into a few suitcases while others can pack their cars with everything they need. As someone has to travel to an out of state college (Texas to New Hampshire), I’ve had to become a little more of a savvy packer.

I collected a couple of tips & tricks that I plan to use this fall when heading to campus. There’s also a free packing guide specialized just for you out of staters that you can download at the end of the post!

Packing for Your Out Of State College

Prioritize Your Items

When traveling to an out of state college, you will need to make some sacrifices. Prioritize what you can’t live without and make sure that’s what you pack first. I use this rule of thumb: If you can’t survive a week without it, pack it. Here’s what I recommend having with you when you arrive on campus:

+ Your bedding

Move-in day can be quite hectic, and you may not even get all your shopping done on that first day. Make sure you at least have something to sleep on during this settling in period. Most of your bedding items are thin (except for that pesky comforter) so you’ll have room for them.

+ Nicer items/Things you won’t find at Target

Bring items that you reasonably wouldn’t want to purchase duplicates of. Things like your makeup, hair styling electronics, or that really nice robe you got from PBteen should make it into your suitcase. Leave behind stuff you can replace at a local store like shampoo, shaving cream, etc.

+ Capsule wardrobe

You might have heard of this term before. A capsule wardrobe is basically a minimalistic wardrobe with versatile pieces. It consists of good quality clothes that you can switch around to create original outfits. The “less is more” theory behind this wardrobe will benefit you in this situation. Pick a few really good items from each category of clothing in your closet and pack those first. If you want more tips on creating your capsule wardrobe, check out The Every Girl’s post.

I also recommend packing for the nearest season. In New Hampshire, it gets cold pretty quickly, so I’m bringing a lot of my winter gear and leaving behind my skimpier clothes. If you’re going to a Southern college, you most likely won’t be seeing cold weather until after your fall break. You can trade out your summer clothes for winter clothes during this break.

Once you get to campus, you’ll be receiving a crapload of t-shirts from the school and their organizations, and you might want to do more shopping once you get a feel for the vibes on campus. Luckily, you’ll have plenty of space in your dorm’s wardrobe or closet to add to because of your smart packing.

Then, Add On

Once you’ve picked the must-haves, you may find that you have some extra room in your suitcases. Add what you want, but be smart with it. Try not to get in the same hoarding habit you might have back at home, there won’t be space for it in your dorm! Here are some suggestions for extras:

+ Minor decor and storage

If you bought some decor for your dorm, bring those. Things like wall prints (no frame), string lights, and little desk accessories are great items to bring along. Make sure you protect them appropriately so they don’t get messed up or broken in the journey. Collapsible/foldable storage bins are great also as long as they aren’t too heavy!

I wouldn’t stress so much about not having your ideal dorm together within the first few weeks of school. You can add to your room decor as time passes. It’s better to do this anyway because you’ll know the dimensions of your dorm once you’ve moved in.

+ Mementos

You may want to bring items that remind you of home like pictures and keepsakes. Moving to an out of state college can be tough, and having a piece of home with you will help relieve some of your feelings of homesickness.

+ Larger Accessories

Try to fit a weekender bag or duffel bag in your suitcase too. You might find yourself taking a three day trip and you won’t want to lug around the giant suitcase you brought with you.

Consider Shipping Ahead

Check out your school’s policy on shipping things ahead of you. Some colleges can hold your packages for 1-2 weeks at a time. If there are things you want to order or will need from home that won’t fit in your suitcase, send them before you leave and they’ll be waiting for you when you arrive!

Figure Out Your Airline’s Bag Regulations

Every airline has different rules concerning weight and how many bags you can check. Here are the top 3 airlines and their rules:

Southwest: First two bags are free and they must be under 50 lbs. Every bag checked in after that is $75.00

Delta: First bag is $25, the second is $35. Bags must be under 50 lbs.

United: First bag is $25, the second is $35. Bags must be under 50 lbs.

You want to spend as little as possible, so I don’t recommend checking in more than two bags if you can swing it. If your airline isn’t listed here, just Google search “_______ checked bag policy” and you should be able to find more information.

Maximizing Your Space

Now that you’ve figured out your packing limit, you’re probably wondering how you can make the most of this space. There are several ways you can fit everything you need between two suitcases.

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags are a great way to shrink down bulky items like your bedding and winter coats. If you haven’t heard of vacuum bags, they’re basically a giant ziplock bag that you can put tons of fabric in and then suction out all the air with your vacuum’s hose. This will compress your items until they’re flat. When you open them, the air will re-enter and your things will puff up back to normal. I’ll be using vacuum bags to pack my bedding, towels, and winter clothes.

Roll Your Clothes

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them up. You’ll be able to fit way more in that way, and it even prevents wrinkles. Want proof? Here’s a video comparing folding vs. rolling clothes. Spoiler: the guy rolling up his clothes had room to spare, and the guy folding his clothes had no room with clothes still left to pack.

Make Use of Empty Spaces

You may not realize it, but you’ll be carrying a lot of stuff inside your suitcase that could also be used as storage. Fill your shoes with socks(bonus points if you fill up your knee-high boots!). Put sensitive items like jewelry and perfume inside your purses or roll them in your clothes. For Girls: Stack your bras on top of each other, then place your folded underwear into the cups and fold the bras in half (this will help keep their shape and maximize space).

Wear Your Bulkiest Items

While I don’t recommend wearing your down coat and fleece jacket in the middle of August, try to eliminate some larger items from your suitcase. Wear tennis shoes, sweatpants, and a sweatshirt that you can take off on the plane.

Don’t Forget About Your Carry-On

You are usually able to bring your purse and a carry-on luggage item onto the plane. In the past, you might have just brought a backpack with you, but you should graduate to an actual carry-on suitcase. Most airlines have a 22 inch restriction, but Southwest allows 24 inches. Double check the rules for your airline and then buy the appropriate carry-on suitcase.

Bring your biggest purse, like a large tote, so you can carry your usual purse items plus your laptop and charger in them. In the carry-on, put extra items that are light but wouldn’t fit in your larger suitcases.

Does packing for an out of state college seem a little more doable now? I hope so!

I’ve created a printable packing list that will show you exactly what you should pack and what you should wait to buy in your college’s state.

Download Your Printable Here

Do you need any help? Let me know in the comments!

August 9, 2016